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making the art of learning math fun

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Promoting the art of problem solving using Math games:  Our goal is to inspire a billion kids to love Math through our games.

MATHinkCo brings you math games that make you think...

Introducing our first collection of MATHsticks - a fun, family math game that challenges you to solve "MATHsticks" problems!  

You can play at your own pace and in any order.  The problems range in difficulty from Easy to Hard - but each one will stimulate your brain and help you master the art of problem solving. 

You can play solitaire or with others.   Whenever and wherever you want to. 

Each box contains 50 cards with a problem on one side and its solution on the reverse; a hundred MATHsticks and instructions.  Each box has been handcrafted and no two MATHsticks are alike. 

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Games to Stimulate Thinking

We are three brothers (12, 16, and 17 years) driven by a collective passion to solve problems.  We started this company to design and develop games that make you think and not just read theory or memorize formulas.   We believe every problem can be solved multiple ways with creative thinking.  

Here at MATHinkCo, we believe that math should be fun. Math is not just algorithms and formulas. It is more than that.  Much more. In fact, Math is the opposite of algorithms and formulas.  And that is why we created MATHinkCo.

MATHinkCo is a fun math company that develops logic problems. These problems challenge you to think. Each problem forces you to think and brings out the creativity in you.  These problems are fun. Whether alone 35,000 feet high in the air, or with friends on a chilly weekend morning, you can solve MATHinkCo puzzles.   Wherever and whenever.

We aim to develop fun and entertaining puzzles and problems that challenge you to think, and bring out the creativity inside you. It’s the only place where you will find those key attributes.   It is MATHinkCo.

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